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Photochemical reaction apparatus

  • OCRS-MINI type photochemical reaction
OCRS-MINI type photochemical reaction

OCRS-MINI type photochemical reaction

  • Product description: OCRS-MINI type photochemical reaction

Trace of photochemical reaction, mainly to trace the photocatalytic reaction and design, each reaction capacity is 5-100ML, which can reduce the radiation hazards, the waste of the material; the device from the inside and outside the reactor, the inner water-cooling protection device, the outer layer of the main reactor, PTFE screw cap and fluorine rubber seal take outside layer interface at the bottom, the outer reactor with gas interface, the feeding and other functions; a portable toolbox, small size precise structure, suitable for photochemical trace study used the absolute advantage!
Advantages and characteristics:
Composition of main consist of light source apparatus, glass reaction vessel, the quartz light source protection cold trap, PTFE sealing device, charging device etc.;
■ for trace liquid - liquid, gas - liquid, solid - liquid substances such as reaction, less consumption, high precision;
A set of device is small, exquisite appearance, convenient carrying, low radiation hazard;
■ structure design, reaction condition and our factory miniature, pilot product consistency, to facilitate scientific research escalate;

Configuration list:

1, mercury lamp power supply controller can be made of 5W, 10W, 20W and other specifications;
(optional 185NM, 254NM, 310NM, 360NM and other specifications)
2, glass reaction vessel can be used 5-15ML, 5-30ML, 5-100ML and other specifications;
3, the quartz glass protection cold trap;
4, with the bottom aeration filter interface;
5, the reactor is provided with fixing device;
6, a portable box;