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Photochemical reaction apparatus

  • OCRS-I type Photochemical Reaction
OCRS-I type Photochemical Reaction

OCRS-I type Photochemical Reaction

  • Product description: OCRS-I type Photochemical Reaction

Description photochemical reaction apparatus
OCRS series of photochemical reaction apparatus is a professor of international authority over the technical support under the R & D success, mainly used to study the gas or liquid media, fixed or mobile systems, ultraviolet or visible light simulation, and the reaction vessel is loaded TiO2 photocatalyst photochemical reaction under such conditions. Analysis has provided samples of free radical reaction products and measured kinetic constants, quantum yield determination of features such as wider use of chemical synthesis, environmental and life sciences research.

Device configuration parameters
OCRS-I type photochemical reaction apparatus configured as follows:

(1) black-box main body including the reaction, mercury electric controller, electrical control xenon lamp, glass reaction vessel, light, magnetic stirrer.

(2) electrical controller for controlling mercury lamp 300W, 500W medium pressure mercury lamp working conditions.

(3) xenon lamp electrical controller for the control of 500W or 1000W xenon lamp working conditions.

(4) mercury xenon lamp Electric appliance controller and the controller includes the total power supply, lamp selection, lamp power, lamp-start switch.

(5) glass reaction vessels can be used separately 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml etc..

(6) All quartz glass cold trap (an extension of the cooling water at the bottom of the cooling cycle).

(7) equipped with the company's production of photochemical special magnetic stirrer

First, the main box
The main box is a series of photochemical reaction apparatus placed where light devices, has the following characteristics:
Box of size 480mm × 420mm × 900mm, weighs about 29kg.
Inside the black box in order to reduce light reflection.
After the upper cabinets with cooling fan board, cabinets after the central board has "flow switch", can be realized off (cooling water) water alarm. After the bottom plate has two holes for the cooling water pipes, pipe and cable to connect the controller through.
Cabinets on the left there are three special socket for the box of the motor, lights and the "flow switch" to use the output plug.

Second, mercury and mercury electric controller
Provide light for the 300W or 500W medium pressure mercury lamp of the normal operation of mercury lamps in ultraviolet light generated during the operation accounted for 40% total energy issue. Mercury lamp light in the opening 5 minutes until stable, turn off the lights need to wait 5 minutes after the order to restart. When you do need to bring sunglasses with UV protection of eye and skin damage.
Medium pressure mercury lamp of the optical parameters are as follows:
Mercury lamp spectral distribution and relative intensity as follows:

Table 2 Spectral distribution of medium pressure mercury lamp

Wavelength (nm)








Relative intensity%








Mercury lamp light-emitting part of the quartz tube, hand direct contact with pollutants, which affect the light intensity. Quartz commonly used outside a clean cotton cloth dampened with a small amount of alcohol, cleaning inside the use lotion.
Control panel with: the total power supply, lamp selection, lamp power supply, motors, light switches and the total time of launch and other settings, sub-time setting, lamp current meter, alarm instructions. Controller with fan heat.
Controller size is 245mm × 170mm × 180mm, weighs about 23kg.
Open the controller procedure is: select light lamp power → total power light starts, press start and then began a timing light.
Close control of procedures: the total lamp power → Electrical → 5 minutes after power off the cooling water.
Controller on the back of a power input line and fuse holder.
Controller on the back of the main box for the cable plug with the corresponding interfaces.
In the main cable box connected with the controller error, or lower than normal water pressure for the cooling water, the alarm lamp will light and alarm sound, instruments unable to work.

Three, xenon lamp and xenon lamp electrical controller
Provide light for the 500W or 1000W xenon lamp normal and stable operation. Controller size is 245mm × 170mm × 180mm, weight 34kg. Control panel with the exception "light select" button, other buttons with the same mercury lamp controller. Xenon lamp spectral distribution and relative intensity similar to daylight.
Xenon lamp optical parameters are as follows:

Table 3 Dimensions xenon lamps and optical parameters

Power (W)

Starting current (A)

Operating Current(A)

Operating Voltage(V)

Effective arc length(MM)







Single-ended leads






Single-ended leads

Fourth, all quartz glass light protection or improvement of the cold trap
all improvement of the entire quartz glass light protection of the cold trap is not only high efficiency UV penetration, while working long hours away because the light source caused by temperature, ensuring access to light and reactive substances, only the experiment itself without outside influence .

Fifth, Photochemical special magnetic stirrer
● use of solar collector heating method, by heating the container completely in strong heat radiation into the heating speed is three times the surface heating magnetic stirrer. Temperature uniformity, high efficiency, more responsive ball heated reaction flask.
● excellent selection of main components of this machine, electric motors use DC power, stirring torque noise. Special stainless steel heating tube aging at 800 ℃ in 24 hours. Insulation resistance> `1000MΩ, safe and reliable when dry. Use the strongest magnet magnetic current, "Nd-Fe-spring" to do the rotor magnet, to ensure adequate sharp and torque.
● reasonable structure, with large flat heating aluminum heating, rapid heating can be placed on any vessel, can be water (water bath) fuel (oil bath) and dry, but also where the main advantages of this machine, heating and electrical box for some isolation between the plate by heat, stirring at high heat does not affect the electrical performance machine