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Rotary Evaporator

  • R-1100 type rotary evaporator
  • R-1100 type rotary evaporator
  • R-1100 type rotary evaporator
  • R-1100 type rotary evaporator
R-1100 type rotary evaporatorR-1100 type rotary evaporatorR-1100 type rotary evaporatorR-1100 type rotary evaporator

R-1100 type rotary evaporator

  • Product description: R-10100 type rotary evaporator

Explosion-proof rotary evaporator. For special laboratories such as dangerous and explosive gases, the Institute of Special Industry has developed a fully explosion-proof rotary evaporator. It uses explosion-proof motors, has a statutory explosion-proof certificate approved by the state, adopts a fully explosion-proof electrical control box, and uses explosion-proof flexible hoses (explosion-proof marks) for all wires. ExdIIBT4, to ensure full flameproof effect, to achieve product quality clearance, operating personal safety, authoritative CPPCC certified products.

The equipment is mainly used in the industries of medicine, chemical industry and biopharmaceuticals, such as perennial, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery. The principle is that the rotating bottle rotates at a constant speed by heating at constant temperature under vacuum conditions. The material forms a large area of film on the wall of the bottle and evaporates efficiently. The solvent vapor is cooled by the high efficiency glass condenser, and is recovered in the collecting bottle, thus greatly improving the evaporation efficiency. It is especially suitable for concentrating and purifying biological products which are easy to decompose and deform at high temperature.

Product features

It uses multiple PTFE and fluoroethylene compound seals, and the new design can maintain high vacuum.

Two high efficiency double main and auxiliary condenser are used to ensure high recovery rate.

Explosion proof box control, inside and outside explosion proof components, explosion-proof certificate.

Speed control of rotary motor by digital frequency conversion.

The oil and water bath temperature sensor built-in probe, digital constant temperature control.

A large number of stainless steel and aluminum alloy parts are used for mechanical construction, and all glass parts are high temperature resistant and high boron glass.

Import of electrical key parts. The rubber seals are all made up of international standards, which are convenient for users to purchase and replace.

Microcomputer control: Configuration of micro-computer, can carry out high-precision control, with a variety of security performance; simple and intuitive operation.

I.D. control: eliminate the external factors that affect the accuracy of temperature adjustment, and reduce errors.

Technical parameters:

Product name

explosion-proof rotary evaporator

Product model


Evaporation bottles


Collecting bottles

50L+10L double collection bottles

Glass material

Borosilicate GG17

Support material

stainless steel 304


three vertical, the main condenser 2 square 230*950, the secondary condenser 0.8 square 230*550

Rotary power

370W 220/50HZ

Speed control mode

frequency converter control, programmable


0-120RPM inverter digital display

Bath pot

15kw 380/50HZ

The temperature range of the bath pot


The bath temperature control accuracy


Temperature display mode

digital display

Sensor type


Lifting mode

bathing electric lifting

Lifting power

1000W 220/50HZ

Lift mileage


Shell material

spray plastic anticorrosive

Outline size (mm)


Packing weight


Explosion-proof features

internal and external explosion protection

of explosion-proof grades



380V 3L+P+E

Combined seal

tetrafluoroethylene and fluorine rubber for long term sealing


design collection bottle contains automatic switching valve to prevent vacuum drop

Continuous collection

all tetrafluoroethylene thimble valve control

Discharge piston

Teflon pin valve

No spark electrical control system


Charging valve

Teflon feeding valve

Vacuum display

stainless steel vacuum gauge

Glass interface style